When you have a home inspection performed, one of the most important parts of the entire process is the inspection report. With an inspection report in-hand, you can negotiate issues that were found, organize repairs with contractors, and be better equipped to maintain your new home. But what are some items you might see in your report? Here are a few:

General Information – General information may seem dull, but still an important part of your report. Things like where shutoffs are, what type of heating system you have, and what amperage electrical service you have. This is information you will want to know later on.

Maintenance Items – These items can often times make up a large portion of an average report. Things like a leaky sink, deterioration, and smaller items. These are not usually overly critical, but should be taken care of so that they don’t get worse.

Defects and Hazards – This is the nitty gritty of a home inspection report – the part that everyone really wants to know about. Defects are items that are not performing their function – like a leaking roof, defective heating unit, or a structural problem. Defects come in all shapes, sizes, and cost to fix. Hazards are more serious though – because they are more immediate. Things like live exposed wires, missing railings on a balcony, and any other item that could risk the life and health of an occupant in an immediate sense.

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