We are well aware of the kind of devastation and chaos a tornado can unleash. With this type of threat literally looming over us, what are some ways we can keep ourselves protected during a tornado?

While this seems like a very obvious thing to do, in a tornado, try to take cover immediately. However, make sure you stay out of rooms with a lot of windows. These will not only smash, scattering dangerous glass shards but will also make it easy for other dangerous projectiles to enter the room.

Interior rooms that are away from outside walls are the best place to take shelter. This is because Interior walls generally remain whole during a tornado, while exterior walls do not. The bathroom is a good place to take shelter, as the piping and plumbing system provides extra support to the walls and flooring.

When taking shelter, it’s important that you are not sheltering in a location where there are heavy objects in the rooms above, items such as a refrigerator or heavy pieces of furniture. If the floor above you weakens, you could be severely injured if these objects fall through the floor.

If the weather forecast predicts that there is potential for a tornado, what are some other ways you can prepare?

Shut off your electricity at the mains so as to prevent sparks igniting gas or other combustible items in the home. Turn off the water as well.

Furniture should be moved away from windows, also take down mirrors and picture frames off the walls. Heavier furniture such as bookcases and cabinets should be secured to the walls (this is a good thing to do in the home anyway, especially if there are small children in the home)

It’s wise to install a storm shelter If you are in an area that is very susceptible to tornados.

Make sure you keep a disaster supply kit with you, carrying everything you would need in an emergency.

This is just a few suggestions on ways to stay safe in a tornado. We know how unpredictable they can be, so it’s important to be ready ahead of time.

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