Every time that we look at the news it seems like there is some kind of new wildfire that’s spreading across an area with great ferocity. But what is one thing that can be done to perform a little ‘ preventive maintenance’, to reduce the chance of something like this from happening in your area? Well, that is going to be the topic of discussion today.

A slash pile is stated as the accumulation of any dead limbs, foliage, leaves, pine needles, and other flammable material that is a natural debris. This type of fire mitigation basically takes the fuel out of the fire before the fire is even started. By doing this, the fire has less of a chance of starting without having a constant fuel for it to burn. If you leave on a large piece of land in the woods, it would be your responsibility for the health of that forest, and slash burning can be a great defense against the potential of a wild fire.

You must not burn any materials such as rubber, plastic, aluminum, or other materials commonly found in the household. By sticking to the dead limbs, pine needles, foliage and leafs, you keep the environment healthy by not sending pollutants in the air. Depending on the area you live in, each state will have different standards that are set for your slash pile, such as it can not be wider than 6 feet and taller than 4 feet. Keeping this method of fire mitigation in mind and practice will help to keep your forest and property safe from the increased chances of a wild fire.

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