The feeling of not wanting to touch a car door or metal object because we know we will get that dreaded static shock is something many of us understand. But while it can be simply irritating most of the time, is there any reason for us to worry about it? Are there any types of situations when static electricity could be more than a simple irritation?

Because of the fact that the current is generally pretty low, a static shock doesn’t usually pose a danger. However, static electricity can prove to be a danger under certain conditions and circumstances.

An example of this could be if flammable dust or vapors are detected in a building, it is possible that static electricity in an environment like this, could cause those vapors or dust to set alight, or even explode.

This probably sounds very unrealistic, but static build up from a person operating electronic equipment can actually affect the equipment being used.

A severe injury could happen if someone quickly recoils from a static shock while they are in the middle of doing some kind of task like carrying hot liquid etc.

Ways to prevent static shock

Consider getting a humidifier. This is a good choice because it helps to moisten the air. Try placing a few more plants around the home because plants are good natural humidifiers.

Fabric softener is a very good thing to have on hand, as it can help to reduce static. Try diluting a small amount in a spray bottle and giving your carpet a light spritz. It not only helps to reduce static build up on your carpet, but it smells nice too.

Natural fibers prevent static build much better than synthetic, so try wearing natural fabrics. An anti static wrist band is also an option to try.

While the majority of the time static electricity is just an irritation, there are some situations when it could become a problem.   

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