In the wintertime, most of us end up spending more money on the energy bill than any other time of year. Spending some time preparing your home for the winter is going to save you money on your bills, as well as, lessen the risk for damage that could lead to costly repairs.

Your best friend in the fight against the cold is insulation. In most homes, there are at least some areas that aren’t heated, whether it is an attic, basement or crawl spaces, but in all of these places, as long as there is proper insulation, you will not have the same cold temperatures in these areas as outside. This is especially important if you have pipes running in these areas. As an added security, it’s a good practice to install insulation directly on the pipes. That way you will lose less heat from the hot water pipe and you lessen the risk of your pipes freezing.

Windows and doors can let a lot of heat escape, as well, so you should check that they seal well. Replacing single-pane windows with double-pane windows will also greatly increase their efficiency in keeping the cold out and the warm in.

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