Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) are a very common occurrence in neighborhoods around the country, and many feel like they do a lot of good by keeping the neighborhood safe, as well as, looking good. However, there are some places where HOA’s abuse their power or just make life in the neighborhood very difficult. Before moving into a neighborhood where there is an HOA, you should do some research. There are several avenues you can use for this. Discreetly checking with the neighbors on how they view the HOA is one way to find out how they operate. You should also pay attention to the status of the homes in the neighborhood to see if there are many foreclosures. HOA’s in some states have the power to do something called non-judicial foreclosures where they can foreclose on a member’s home when they neglect to pay their fees. You also might be limited by the HOA in what you can do to your home and your yard.

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