Do you know the term Greywater? When we do everyday things in the home like bathing, laundry and washing dishes, the used water is referred to as Greywater. While this used water is not drinkable, it can be used for other things like flushing the toilet or even some types of irrigation. Greywater must not to be confused with blackwater, which is harmful as it contains all kinds of hazardous contaminants such as fecal matter.

Areas that are prone to drought could use Greywater, although we all know the benefits of conserving water anywhere we live. Greywater is regularly used in third world countries, however, it is becoming more common to use in western lands as well.

There are differing opinions on the use of Greywater. Some are pro greywater usage because it can be used as a non-potable water source in the home. Then there are those that are anti greywater, as they feel it would be easier to spread disease.

As we can see, there is obviously much to consider when thinking about using greywater in your household, and a lot of good research is required to determine if it would be good for you. In future articles, we will be discussing the various advantages and disadvantages of using greywater. In the meantime, if you feel you would like more information on this or any other home inspection question, please feel free to contact us.

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