Are you a first time home buyer? Then congratulations! Buying a home is a huge milestone in life, and is an investment in your family’s future. Being a first time home buyer means you will experience some of the highs and lows of real estate for the first time – and some of it can be stressful. So what can you do to alleviate some of that stress?

First of all – get a qualified agent. The agent you choose has a huge effect on the entire process, and ultimately if you even find the right home for you and your family. Choose an agent who works hard for you, answers your calls, and understands you and your situation in life. Many buyers don’t realize that a buyer’s agent does not cost them any money – so why not use their experience?

Choose the right lender. A great rate may not mean a great lender. Interview a few and find one that gets you a good rate – but is also organized and responsive. A difficult lender can bring your transaction to a grinding halt, or even make you lose out on a home or two that you wanted.

And of course – hire a great home inspector. This goes without saying, but the home inspector is critical. You could negotiate a great deal, find the right neighborhood, and get a great mortgage rate, but if you end up with a huge repair on an issue that was not disclosed, then that could definitely put a damper on things. A great home inspector will find issues, educate you on your home, and help you get into the home that is right for you.

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