Decks are a wonderful part of a home. They give us outside living space that is comfortable and can be easily shared with friends and neighbors. But every year, deck accidents, and even deck collapses, cause many injuries – and even death. How can some of this be prevented?

First, make sure that your deck is built properly. We all would like to think our deck was properly built, but bring an inspector in to take a look at it and see what is found – it may surprise you.

One cause of deck issues are hot tubs. Hot tubs are great – but they are very heavy. Many people will put a hot tub on a deck, fill it up, and feel good because their deck held up. But the damage to a deck under that weight happens gradually – until things finally snap without people knowing it. Have a professional reinforce your deck properly to hold the additional weight in a proper way.

Another thing that is very important is handrails. Handrails can ruin your view – but one person falling makes that view not worth it. Be sure to have the balusters on your deck spaced properly and the railing height up to where it should be.

All of this can help you to have a happy and safe experience on your home’s deck.

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