One thing we find a lot of as home inspectors are DIY jobs in homes. Some of them are done really well – and others…. well, not so much. SO before you venture off to YouTube to look up how to rewire your electric panel, consider a few things,

1: Is the job you are thinking of doing yourself dangerous? For instance, electrical work. If you have never worked with electricity, then you could put yourself and your home in harm’s way.

2: Does it take a level of skill that can’t be learned quickly? How-to videos make everything look easy. But plumbers, masons, electricians, and other trades work in them for years before they ever get to a level they can do certain jobs. So it would be unreasonable to think we could learn to do it quickly.

3: Is it part of a larger plan? We love for people to know how to take care of their home, but make projects part of a longer-term plan and start small. Fix small things like doors, small tile repairs, and painting. After you have mastered small jobs, work your way up.

The big takeaway from this is to be safe. We all would love to be able to fix anything in our homes, but that level of skill and knowledge takes years. So start small, be safe, and know your limits.

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